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19 Oct 2022

Exceptional Digital Projects to Aid Black American Research

There are many missing pieces in American ethnic studies for people of color. Historians, librarians, and teachers are helping to fill in the gaps by curating materials and writing textual history that can be digitized for larger
19 Oct 2022

Genealogy Records Roundup – October 2022

October is Family History Month and I hope you are celebrating by sharing your genealogy work and resources with family and friends. NGS has ideas and images available for you and for sharing, especially with your local
31 Aug 2022

New Irish Resources: The Beyond 2022 Project

Researching Irish ancestors has often been described as difficult, and for many reasons. The reason most discouraging to American researchers, excited to discover their ancestors who flooded into this country in the nineteenth century, is that the
31 Aug 2022

Revisiting the 2022 NGS Conference in Sacramento

As attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and the NGS team arrived in Sacramento, the temperature soared to 97+ degrees, but everyone’s spirits were high too. Luckily daily temperatures dropped quickly to agreeable mid-70s. It was the first in-person conference
31 Aug 2022

Genealogy Records Roundup

Keeping up with available recent records and sources, especially newly digitized records, is either a full-time job or hit and miss, depending on how many emails or notifications you are willing to wade through in your in-box.
31 Aug 2022

Highlights of the 2022 NGS Annual Meeting and NGS Board of Directors Election

The 2022 NGS Annual Meeting took place virtually on Zoom, Wednesday, 17 August 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET. The meeting was recorded and can viewed in its entirety on the NGS YouTube Channel: Kathryn Doyle, president
30 Apr 2022

Help For Researching German Roots: German-Related Resources and Strategies

Finding the ancestral town of your German ancestors is typically not easy—especially for those of us with family members who arrived before the twentieth century and no oral history or home sources still exist. Few if any
29 Apr 2022

Webinar Libraries: Easily Accessible Genealogy Knowledge

The advent of easily accessible, affordable, user-friendly technology has changed the field of family history forever. While there has been constant change and improvement in access to genealogical learning materials in the last three decades, the last
31 Mar 2022

Learning How to Access the 1950 Census

It’s important to realize that 1 April 2022 kicked off the first stage of access, and in the coming months it will be easier and more fruitful to search records in the 1950 census. Now that the
31 Mar 2022

Help Wanted! All Genealogists Please Apply

The anticipation was painfully sweet. Finally on Friday, 1 April, family history enthusiasts and genealogists celebrated the release of another decennial US census. Will the 1950 census finally solve a family mystery? Will it connect me with