Revisiting the 2022 NGS Conference in Sacramento

As attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and the NGS team arrived in Sacramento, the temperature soared to 97+ degrees, but everyone’s spirits were high too. Luckily daily temperatures dropped quickly to agreeable mid-70s. It was the first in-person conference for NGS since the 2019 Family History Conference in St. Charles, and everyone was ready for a great time and connecting with fellow genealogists. The nights were pleasant for the outdoor events, and the newly renovated SAFE Convention Center provided a cool, modern environment for enjoyable daily happenings and lectures.

NGS President, Kathryn Doyle summed up the week in this way. “‘Absence,’ the adage goes, ‘makes the heart grow fonder.’ So, whether it was the two-year hiatus from most in-person genealogy events, or the shortage of human interaction after so much social distancing, this year’s NGS Family History Conference in Sacramento felt different. Despite the COVID protocols and masks that covered smiles, everyone seemed joyful to be back together again. Tables set up in the Expo Hall for meet-ups and topic discussions became a central place for informal visits. The Whova event app, introduced this year for use by both in-person and online-at-home attendees, was successful beyond expectations for virtual networking.”

For those of you who missed the NGS conference events, or wish to reflect back on those enjoyable days in May, let’s revisit the Sacramento conference.

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