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31 Aug 2023

Genealogy Records Roundup – Summer 2023

Keeping up with the newest and most updated collections across the genealogy field is difficult, especially during the summer months. Here, I will describe some of the newest and most recent resources, websites, and projects that I
31 Aug 2023

Uncovering Ancestral Narratives Through Historic Cuisine

Family history research and writing is more than just tracing back the dates, names, and places of our ancestors and relatives. It’s about understanding their stories, the lives they led, the challenges they faced, and the joys
10 Jul 2023

National Genealogy Society 2023 Family History Conference Recap, Review, and Photos

The National Genealogy Society’s 2023 Family History Conference “The Deep Roots of a Nation” proved an exceptionally successful event for the genealogy community and featured several momentous announcements by NGS. Over several days, in a bustling convention
29 Apr 2023

What Did They Say?: A Glimpse into 18th and 19th Anachronistic Vocabulary

Learning anachronistic eighteenth and nineteenth-century words might not seem like the most thrilling activity for some of us, but it can actually be quite useful for genealogists. By understanding words like “fazzolet” and “peradventure” we can gain
28 Apr 2023

Societies in Crisis: Disaster Planning for Genealogy Societies

As I worked on a new exhibit for the historical society where I serve as director, my mind wandered to the special responsibility I have to protect our valuable holdings. As I placed a wedding dress from
28 Mar 2023

City Directories in Genealogy Research

City directories are an excellent resource for genealogy research, providing valuable information about our ancestors’ lives and movements. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what city directories are, how they can be used in
28 Mar 2023

Attending a Conference: Reflections, Tips, and Advice for First-Time Attendees and Early-Career Professionals

I recently had the opportunity to attend RootsTech 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Reflecting on my experience, I wrote this article to guide future first-time conference attendees and early-career professional genealogists. While I had participated in
31 Jan 2023

Decoding the Numbers: Genealogical Numbering Systems

If you have read a genealogy publication or explored popular family tree software, you have likely seen numbers assigned to individuals in family trees. What do these numbers mean? Why are there so many different numbering systems?
31 Jan 2023

Not Everything is Online: How to Research in Archives

As more documents and records are digitized, genealogists often stick to the online, easy-to-access record sets. However, even in the age of digital information, not everything we need or want as genealogists is digitized. So, let’s get
12 Dec 2022

Finding Relatives Residing Elsewhere: A Brief Guide to Institutions

Like me, you may have a great-grandparent who seemingly went “missing” from records, family stories about a long-departed relative’s battle with mental illness, or an adopted ancestor. Or, like an increasing number of historians and genealogists across