Using the NGSQ Online Index

When NGS rebuilt its website a few years ago, we lost the functionality of the online index to NGSQ. It was a difficult blow, but it’s part of the reality of non-profit organizations with limited resources when advancing technology leaves outdated technology behind. Now, thanks to NGS board member, Ronald V. Hodges, PhD, and the Hodges-Hodge Society, the index is back on the “National Genealogical Society Quarterly (NGSQ) & Archive” page of the website.

The index is imperfect. The run of the Q is not yet every-word indexed, as it will be further down the road. Nor is it every-name indexed. Instead, the current functionality only allows for searches by title or by author. That limitation, though, is not as significant as you might think. There are ways to think about your search terms to get the most out of a relatively simple search engine.

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