Same Event; Different Stories

In this month’s first feature article, we discovered a fair amount about Luke Magee and his family. We even began to discover a bit about Luke’s son-in-law, Adolph Cooning, including the fact that more records than not call him Adolph Cooney.

We could see that Adolph headed a household in 1892 that included his wife, Rose, three children, and his brother-in-law, Edward McGee.[1] We could see that Adolph headed a household in 1900 that included his wife, Rose, five children, and his father-in-law, Luke McGee.[2] And we could see that Luke Magee died at Adolph’s home just weeks later.[3] If that’s all we had to go on, we might think that Adolph was a pretty stand-up family guy.

But it’s not all we have to go on. Take this brief 1894 article about Adolph, for example. The facts relayed begin to paint a very different picture in significantly greater biographical detail than we might have expected to find. The gravity of the story almost overshadows the fact that extended family for the Magees is identified here as well.

Why Officer Hallett Knocked Down Adolph Cooney

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