How to Find Passenger Lists for Databases without Images

Sometimes we run into a simple problem. We find an index with data that does not link to an image that we can examine. As basic as that problem may be, surmounting it can be a significant challenge. Let’s take an example using passenger lists. Read the given information below and think about how you might solve this puzzle. (Or better yet, stop after the the problem is presented and try to solve the puzzle before continuing on to the solutions.)

Given Information: Giuseppe Milione is included in FamilySearch’s “United States Italians to America Index, 1855–1900.” This particular Giuseppe Milione was reported to be a laborer, aged 43 [born about 1857], and had been a resident of “S. Margheritta.” He immigrated aboard the Spartan Prince, which departed from Naples and arrived in New York 6 May 1900.

(click to enlarge for a clearer image)

The Problem: This index at FamilySearch does not link to an image of the passenger list. How do you find that image? Bonus points if you can identify more than one pathway to that image.

Perhaps you’ll first try another FamilySearch collection that does include images: “New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892–1924.” In that collection, you might search for Giuseppe Milione, born in Italy between 1850 and 1860.

(click to enlarge for a clearer image)

Hmm. That search only returns two results, neither of them the one we’re looking for. What now?

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