Highlights from the 2021 Family History Conference Program

The Family History Conference this year marks the first conference since the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) merged with NGS, and the slate of events for the conference reflects the combined organization’s purposes. See this month’s first news item (immediately below) to find out more about the events scheduled for the week of 17–21 May.

For individual researchers, the featured events of the conference are NGS 2021 Live!, 19–20 May, and NGS 2021 On-Demand, available beginning 15 June. Between the two, more than 100 sessions created and delivered by the field’s top experts will be beamed directly into your home, no matter whether you’re in an upright position in your bed, on your broken sofa in the basement, or in the lovely surroundings of your beautifully appointed home office.

Sifting through the presentations in the conference program is one of my favorite things to do. I’m actually not kidding. And I’ve already tagged a handful of presentations that I’ll be registering for. Here are just a few that got my attention (and why).

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