Federal Census Indexing Woes and Cures

We’re fortunate in the 21st century to have various forms of genealogical help groups online, most accommodating a broad range of experience and skill levels. Facebook hosts a number of those groups, like some of my favorites: New York City Genealogy, Descendants of New Amsterdam Founders, and AAHGS NY – Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. There are also forums that communicate by group emails or posts. My go-to on that front is the Transitional Genealogists Forum (TGF). Initially designed to help those transitioning from hobbyists to professionals, it’s subscribers now represent a broader audience.

Not every topic discussed in those groups are of interest or use to me, but one on TGF this past month really got my attention. It began as a question about the 1820 federal census for a particular county, but it quickly expanded to discuss inaccurate indexing in censuses, material that missed being indexed altogether, Ancestry indexing vs. FamilySearch indexing, missing pages from certain counties on certain sites, state vs. federal copies of the federal census, etc., etc., etc. The discussion certainly opened my eyes on a few fronts, so I thought I’d share some of it with your eyes.

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